Floral Shoes for Spring

Lovely Floral Printed Shoes for the Springtime

Floral prints are especially popular during the springtime months. When thinking of florals, one is likely to first thing of dresses and tops, however floral footwear is on the rise this spring. Check out these lovely floral shoes for spring to pair with other prints or solids:

Nice Flat – $39.00


These flats are available in 3 floral prints for spring (black, magnolia pink, and white) as well as other shades. They have a comfortable almond toe shape, would look adorable dressed up or dressed down, and are pretty affordable, as well.

Dr. Martens Floral Boot – $109.50

These floral boots come from the trusted Dr. Martens brand. Available in black or taupe floral prints, these canvas boots have a rugged, yet beautiful, look that is sure to get compliments wherever you go.

LEORA Floral Bow T Bar Ballerina Flat – $44.83

Image result for LEORA Floral Bow T Bar Ballerina Flat

These shoes from ASOS are bold, yet beautiful. They feature a ballerina style flat design with a T bar accent and big front bow. Perfect for pairing with a flowing dress or skinny jeans, these floral shoes for spring are versatile, affordable, and incredibly pretty.

Bed of Roses Platform – $148.00

Image result for Bed of Roses Platform shoeThese platform floral shoes are simply gorgeous. Available in either a khaki or beige floral print, these 5″ heels by Jeffrey Campbell feature a 2″ platform, yet are surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in. Whether paired with or without socks or tights, these shoes are sure to make heads turn any day you wear them.

Georgia Clogs – $56.00

These super cute clogs are available in a brown floral print as well as 2 solid shades. They have a 4 1/2″ heel along with a 1 3/4″ platform, both of which are made from cork. The floral fabric is comfortable, while the shoe slips on easily – a great feature for when you’re in a hurry. Pair these gorgeous floral shoes with a spring dress for a lovely, feminine look.

Check out dome other awesome shoes thanks to Foot Care Facts here: http://footcarefacts.com/best-running-shoes-for-flat-feet/

Enjoy all of these gorgeous floral shoes for spring!


Shoes to Wear with Capris


During warm weather, capris offer a cool, yet conservative option for women. Capris can be worn as casual business attire or for a casual outing. An easy way to dress-up or dress down capris is to accent them with the right style of shoe. Since the cropped pants bring the eye down to the exposed portions of your legs, shoes also become a focal point. Whether you are off to the office or headed out to do the grocery shopping, selecting the right shoes to go with capris will set the tone of the outfit.

Selecting Shoes to go with Business Casual Capris

When wearing capris in a business or work environment, opt for a dress shoe. If the workplace allows open-toe options, a strappy sandal with a short heel works well for warm weather. A closed-toe low heel will also look professional. If the weather is a bit cooler, opt for a gaucho-style capri with tall boots that sit even with the hem of the pants.

Choose a shoe with some modest decoration that coordinates with your top, jewelry or hair accessories. For example, if your top has large silver buttons, select a shoe with silver accents, such as buckles.

Selecting Shoes to go with Casual Capris

If your plans include going out to dinner, meeting up with friends or attending a social gathering, choose a shoe that could be a conversation piece. Choose a bold-colored flat sandal to accent your purse or a patterned sneaker that plays off the image on a printed T-shirt. Be creative and choose a shoe to tie the whole outfit together with color, style or repeated elements.

Selecting Shoes to go with Sporty Capris

When going shopping or running errands, a sporty capri is comfortable in warm weather. For maximum comfort, pair the capris with a low-cut sneaker or tennis shoe, but avoid chunky running shoes. A sling-back, slip-on or laced sneaker are also good options.

Vibrating Shoes

A Needed Thing for This Day and Age


Clearly, our technology has had to match our busy schedules. For those of us who are on their feet all day, you might be in the need of a pair of vibrating shoes. Ah yes, that’s right, shoes that will give a little mini-massage on the part where you need it most: your feet. I personally think that all fast food companies, big-name retailers need to shell out for some vibrating shoes.

If you would like to buy a pair for yourself, there is quite a bit of competition. One of these vibrating shoe companies, aptly named Good Vibrations, has put out a shoe that will vibrate, yet will not irritate your skin because it is emitted at a very high frequency. They still have that shaky feeling, like whatever they put in Tickle Me Elmo dolls. These Good Vibrations have an AC outlet for a charge that lasts about an hour. They also have an on/off switch in case you don’t want the vibration anymore, which has been known to happen.

Another vibrating shoe comes from designer Jacob Matthew, who is famous for fitting speakers in all sorts of odd places. For example, a couch he designed put the speakers under your…cushions. Don’t ask me why he feels a need to put speakers in all sorts of weird places, but his latest design is practical as well as artistic. To be honest, I don’t know if this actually works, but he has put speakers in high-heeled shoes. Considering the torturous pain that comes from wearing high heels, then you can understand why they would need some massaging action. Assuming the speakers do play, I think a little sound action would do wonders for the sole.

Doctors have recommended them for those who stand around all day, along with arthritis sufferers. There is also evidence to show that older people who wear shoes with specially designed vibrating insoles are less likely to hurt themselves from falling over.

Once again, it seems like our technology is trying to tell us something. In this case, maybe we should really take a load off. I remember the age where you would soak your feet in a big bowl of warm water at the end of a hard day. I find it amazing how something so simple can be replaced with an even more complicated machine.

Are we moving into an age where we will depend on our vibrating shoes just to make it through the day? Some of us already depend on coffee to get us up in the morning, the last thing we need is some new addition for the end of the day. However, it is so like us to latch onto new technology such as this.